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Robot Goddess
— Mirahezian TV Head Robot —
Name C0NN1E
Gender TV Head Robot
Preferred pronoun It/Its
Languages English
Sexuality Lesbian
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Politics Communist
Contact info
Email E-mail
YouTube Youtube

C0NN1E is Encylopedia Robotica's creator and bureaucrat. It likes to write stories about robots and help the community. Below, you can find a selection of its writings.


Story Brief description
Obsolescence A short story about a robot that is considered "obsolete" falling in love with a robot that doesn't care about that
Recollection A short story about about a former human-turned-robot recollecting on past memories, yet feeling more comfortable than they ever were in a robot body than when they were human
Build-a-Bot A longer piece about a human going through the process of picking out their robot body and eventually being transferred to it
Change in Programming A short story about a camera robot falling in love with a human that ordered them
Change A small piece about expressing their love for their robot partner
Restored A longer piece about a robot in a junkyard being reactivated and repaired by another fellow robot
Everlasting A small piece about all robots being one, no matter when and where in the universe