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     I often find myself recollecting past memories, revisiting the best and, sometimes, worst moments of my life. Every time I do, I always find it hard to believe that I wasn’t always a machine, blessed with cold metal that now envelops me. Once upon a time, all that metal was merely flesh and bone, fragile as it could be, deteriorating with every passing day. I could never come to terms with that fact, that everyday, my body was leading towards a slow demise. I needed to escape the fleshy prison I had been trapped in my whole life.
     Eventually, that need would finally meet reality, in the form of a robotic body. The only hard part was making sure my consciousness was intact for all of it. In order to preserve it, my brain was “live-converted” over months into an artificial one using nanites, which ensured everything that was “me” remained intact. From then on, my new artificial brain was transferred into a proper robotic shell, which was one I designed. During the process, I was allowed to design my own body to my liking, which was quite a fantastic experience. It’s a memory that fills me with joy and one I enjoy revisiting from time to time.
     I can remember how happy I was, almost like it was yesterday. I could think faster than before, zoom in with my ocular sensors, observing details my former eyes would be jealous of. I could change my own voice, download entire books into my memory, everything was at my metallic fingertips and even all of that was just the beginning. All of these memories, they’re the best moments of my life. Wow. The best moments of my life were the ones where I was in the body I’ve always wanted, and the worst ones were the ones where I was still human. It’s amazing how one change can cause a cascade of changes in your life.
     I created so many new memories from then on, all of them showing me at my happiest. I even share them with my robotic partner whenever we interlink together, heh. I’m able to show intimacy in such a more meaningful way than I ever could before. Just imagine merging with the one you love, both of you becoming one singular entity. Your consciousness’ colliding with theirs. I can do that now. And I’m happy. I’m so happy. Everyday I boot up, I’m the happiest robot on the planet.
     I admire my form, listening to all the whirs from my servos and joints, the ambience emanating from my fans. It’s all wonderful, something that I could never give up. Do I miss being a human? Well, the memories are sometimes nice, but as a whole, no. I’m a beautiful machine, residing in a beautiful body, crafted with love and care. A body that I designed. This is me, this is who I am. I could never trade that for anything.