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     When my ocular sensors first laid their gaze onto you, I couldn’t believe the sheer beauty in your design. Your chassis was so well built, clearly able to see the amount of care put into it. You were… you are a work of art. I was always jealous of all the other robots around me because I wanted to be like them, but I was old and dated. Who would ever even want a broken bot like me? Well, it turns out, you did. It didn’t matter that I was “broken”, for you saw me no different than any other robot. It was hard for me to accept that. All of my uptime, I struggled with who I was and began to accept the fact that no one would want to be with an obsolete bucket of bolts. Then you came along and changed my entire outlook.
     You helped me love myself. Obsolescence had no bearing on who the person I was, and if anything, it made me one of a kind. My chassis and software might have been old and dated, but it didn’t matter. I was still a person, and no amount of aged software could change that. I was just as beautiful as you, but you always insisted I was the beautiful one, heh. Nobody in my entire life has ever looked at me the way you have.
     I felt so safe and secure. I could open up to you, mentally and physically. I was always embarrassed and scared whenever my chassis was opened because my internals were not up to modern standards. But with you, that was different. Whenever you opened me up to check my operational status, it felt right and it even made me feel good. The backbone of my operations, out for display and all to yourself. It always made me feel giddy when you messed with my wires, even if you “accidentally” disabled my limb actuators sometimes. Not that I minded though, heh. You were the first robot I’ve ever interlinked with too. It felt amazing every time we had our simulations together. We would fuse together and become one entity, achieving more intimacy than we ever could in our physical forms. I felt complete, basking in the joy of being with someone who loved me for who I was.
     At the end of the day, sometimes you’d ask me to dance with you. I could never reject an offer like that. It always felt lovely wrapped in your embrace. The part I loved the most was when you’d catch me with your one arm, holding me up and staring into my ocular sensors. All I could think at that moment was how much I love you.