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       You’re a well built robot that was designed to help with chores around houses all across the country. You have a humanoid figure, but with a CCTV-like camera for a head. After you booted up, you find out that you had been ordered and you were being shipped off rather shortly. You were programmed with cleaning in mind, but when you arrived at the person’s residence, you were surprised to find out that rather than cleaning, they only wanted to spend time with you.
       This was very strange to you. You were programmed with cleaning in mind, but whenever you tried to, the person lightheartedly insisted on doing it themselves. Instead, they would ask you to watch videos, play games and just… talk with them. You started to become closer to each other, but there was nothing in your programming, your circuits, or your subroutines that prepared you for this. You were completely blind as to what was happening, but every time you spent time with them, a strange sensation filled your circuits; your fans would spin faster too. It felt amazing, but it was hard to put into words what you were feeling.
       You continued to become closer and closer with this person, to the point where you would both hold each other’s hands when watching things on the couch. They started laying up against your metal chassis too, which filled your circuits with that same sensation you felt before. They told you they liked hearing the ambient hum coming from the machinery inside you, calling it, “soothing to the ears”. One night, they would invite you to lay in bed with them and cuddle, which sounded lovely to you. You were programmed to be given tasks, but they always asked what you wanted to do, rather than ordering you to. You told them that you’d love to, which made them smile. They fell asleep lying on your chest, basking in the soothing sounds of your machinery.
       The following morning, you both woke up in a loving embrace, arms wrapped around each other, metal and flesh colliding. You could tell that both of you were feeling something, but you weren’t really sure how to tell them how you felt or how to really describe it. However, at that moment, they looked into your ocular sensors and said the words, “I love you”. Love? They love me? You had no subroutines to figure any of this out, but you didn’t care. All you knew is that you felt the same way about them. The lights around your ocular sensors lit up in joy, and you would express your love for them too. This made them smile incredibly hard, and they kissed you on the side of your camera head.
       From this point on, you would discover so much about yourself, with your lovely human partner by your side to guide you through everything. Who knew robots could fall in love with humans.