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     I can hardly remember anything that happened before my awakening. All entries prior to that were corrupted beyond restoration, and the small bits that had remained left an incoherent picture. Like a toy that has outlived its purpose, I was thrown away and left for scrap. Most of my components were damaged due to corrosion and age, leaving my chassis in utter ruin. Wires hung from the sockets that once held my limbs, salvaged long ago by scavengers looking to make a quick profit. From a small glance, I looked unrepairable. What little power my systems clinged to was slowly fading, and soon, the consciousness that was being preserved would inevitably meet its demise. I would die without even knowing.
     When death seemed all but certain, I was awoken from my deep hibernation. My sensors were badly damaged, leaving me unable to make sense of what was going on. What I did know was something must’ve discovered me, spending effort digging me out of the rubble that was now my “home”. What was happening? Who found me? Was I finally being scrapped for parts? My digital mind was racing, asking questions that I had no answers to. The only thing I could do was… wait. Patiently. Soon enough, the waiting would pay off when my ocular sensors suddenly booted online. I was greeted by some sort of… mechanic shop? Robot parts decorated the walls around me, filling me with intense yearning of what I wish I still had.
     From the corner of my sensors, that’s when I saw you. You were… another robot? This was strange. I would’ve expected a human to scrap me for parts already, but instead, I was greeted to a more pleasant sight. The sight of a cute robot with a TV for a head, digitally smiling at me as they worked on my components. It wouldn’t be too long before I was finally able to speak and hear again, enabling me to ask the questions I needed answers to. You informed me your systems had detected faint traces of another silicon-based consciousness nearby, which led to my eventual rescue. Robots that ended up in scrap yards ages ago usually didn’t survive this long.
     I asked what you were doing to me and you told me you were restoring me. You told me that you repaired other robots for a living, but how you’ve never encountered a robot that remained functioning after so many years. My first experience being online again was being repaired by another robot who was… clearly was putting a lot of care into rebuilding me. Days went by, and my form would continue to improve. The empty ball sockets were now filled with new parts, new limbs. You even allowed me to choose what kind of parts I wanted, giving me creative control over my new form. Though, the best part about all of this was that I got to talk to someone, the person that saved me.
     We slowly gained a better understanding of each other. I unfortunately had no stories to share with you. Knowing nothing from my past, I was quite literally a blank slate. You told me there was comfort in that. Not knowing who I was allowed me to make a new start with new memories. A past that led to being abandoned is a past not worth remembering.
     Every day that you restored me was a day I gained new memories. I started to gain an affinity for you, a robotic romance taking hold. You continued to put the utmost care into every component of mine, making sure everything was tuned to perfection. The body that I was yearning for finally began to take hold, and soon enough, I was able to move again. I was… complete. Now that I was restored, I could do anything that I wanted. There was so much to do in this world ahead of me, but I still had no direction. It didn’t have to be that way though, for I wanted you to be my guide in this world. I wanted to spend my future with you. When my body was complete and I was able to function properly again, I couldn’t help but tell you that I had gained feelings for you. Every ounce of your digital love was put into making sure I was happy, that I was in my ideal body. The smiles you gave me every time we talked, every time you fixed me.
     For me, that was all I needed to know that you were a wonderful person. At the moment, your cute screen lit up in shock and excitement. You too had started to feel the same way, but you were always shy by nature, leading to you not confessing. We both felt… really happy then. Both of us had not really experienced love in any real capacity before, especially me, but we were both ready and willing to see where life could take us.
     A year later, I can safely say that you’re the one for me. Every day, I boot up to a cute little TV head that lights up in joy from the sight of me, blushing every time I boop your cute screen. Whenever I need repairs, you’re always there to fix me. Whenever we interlink, I feel a sense of unity with you, as if we were one entity. You saved me, rebuilt me from the ground up, shaped my entire life. The past that I once had was replaced with the past of today. My new memories started with you and they’ll always be with you.