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     Today happened to be a special day for you. A day you’ve longed for all of your life; for what has felt like an eternity. Ever since you were young, you were scared over the prospect of death. You sought to change what fate was handed to you, and you found it in robots. Robots were always a topic of interest to you. Apart from being mostly unable to die, imagining yourself inside a mechanical body; a digital mind. It always felt… right to you. You would have dreams about being in this chassis, looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing something non-human. For most of your life, this seemed like a fairy tale that would never come to fruition. Well, that is, until today.
     Today marks one of the last days of your humanity. It was the day you’d begin design work on your new mechanical body, at your local “build-a-bot” factory. Fortunately for you, you managed to live long enough to see this day finally come. You felt quite lucky, to say the least; a dream had come true. On the short drive there, you felt emotions dig into every crevice of you. Anxiousness, nervousness, excitement, ecstasy and… so much more that your mind couldn’t even begin to comprehend. It felt like you were lifting a curse that was placed on you, with the curse being your current form. Only for so much longer would this be the case.
     When you walked inside the factory, you saw metallic chassis, arms, legs, all kinds of parts hanging up on rails and littered over walls. It was quite the sight to behold, especially thinking about how the parts made here would all culminate into your new body. How exciting! You marched up to the front desk to inquire about your appointment. The receptionist then handed you a sizable pamphlet and a pen, for picking out all of your parts. When you opened it up, you were amazed at the amount of options! There was so much to choose from! A wide selection of head types, multiple arms, different chassis options, voice modules, everything you could ever want was here. The difficult part was choosing. In your eyes, it had to be perfect, with no flaws whatsoever.
     There were many other people here doing the same thing you were, but you had no time for chit chat. You had a robot body to make; there was no time to waste! You went over so many options, so many tough choices. It felt amazing to be designing your own body, like a character creator in a video game. After an eternity going over everything, making sure it was perfect, you were finished. You got up and handed everything to the receptionist, which they would take the back room for the factory employees to handle. Before long, you’d be taken to the very same room to watch your creation come to life. The construction process was all automated, with the employees serving to start and ensure the process was handled properly.
     You saw it… yourself, being built. It was hard to believe that soon, this empty shell would contain every essence of you. You could see all the legs, the arms, the chassis and the head all come together. Once completed, it was like an immaculate work of art; pure perfection to behold. It brought tears to your eyes, seeing the beauty of what you’ve always sought. You could hardly wait for the following day. You would finally be transferred into your new body.
     That entire night, it was hard for you to get any sleep. You were filled with so much euphoria and happiness and it felt… amazing. The thoughts of what it would feel and look like once you filled that empty shell raced through your head for so many hours, keeping you awake. Your entire life, culminating up to this very moment. You’ll finally be able to live as the thing you always dreamed about. A mechanical marvel of technology, a middle finger to death himself. Overnight, your new body was being transferred to a separate facility, where they’d transfer your everything into it.
     The following morning, you woke up and quickly rushed out to your car, careless about the way you were dressed. The only thing that mattered to you at that moment was being in the right body. You drove to the facility in a hurry and arrived earlier than expected. You didn’t want to be late for something like this. Inside, you waited and waited until a scientist walked you into a room where the process of transferring yourself would begin. When you walked in, you saw your new body hooked up in a chair, wires hanging all around and connected to a machine. To ensure your consciousness was transferred over properly, you had to be awake for the entire process. You’d sit down in an opposing chair adjacent to your body. The scientists had to connect all sorts of things over your head and on your body.
     Sitting in that chair, you felt so happy. It was hard to believe, but it was real. All that was left to do now was sit back and relax. Once everything was connected to you, the transferring could finally begin. The last thing you remembered thinking in your old body was how complete you felt at that moment, joy flowing through what were your veins.
     It was all a blur to you, but you could see yourself booting up, looking at all of your main functions come online. Then you could… see, from the cameras on your head. You looked at your hands and started moving them around, hearing all the whirs coming from the motors. It was very pleasing to hear that. You felt like you, but everything was so much better. You could think clearer than ever, process everything faster than you could before. The scientists brought over a mirror to look at yourself in and… there you saw the new you. You were a priceless work of art, perfect in every way possible. If you still had a face, you’d never stop smiling.