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Encyclopedia Robotica was created by C0NN1E in December 2021. The goal of the wiki is to provide informative materials about robot-identified individuals (people who identify as machines or robots in some way), educate those who are otherwise uneducated about the matter, provide a comprehensive list of the types of robots one can encounter and to provide resources for those who feel they may be robot-identified.

How to contribute

Like all other wikis, anyone can make edits and create new content to make the wiki an even better place!

In order to contribute, you are required to create an account, which can be created here. Once signed up, you are free to make edits and create new pages within reason.

If you are new to wiki editing, Wikipedia has a cheat sheet to start you off with working with the markdown editing format. You should also check out the tutorial for the very basics.


Wiki markup

Who runs the wiki?

C0NN1E is the creator and is behind the wiki operations.