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     Ever since you changed, I have been enamored by the sight of you. You’re the same as you were before, but still different at the same time. The flesh that once enveloped you was now a complex series of circuits protected by a smooth metal chassis, polished enough to see my own reflection in.
     The metal was so cold, but everything within you was very much alive. Heartbeats became the gentle whirs of fans. What was once a head was now a monitor able to express more emotions than ever before. This was what you’ve dreamed about every night. It’s all a reality now.
     You’re perfect to me in every way possible. I love seeing the way you look at me on your display. You’re happier than you ever were before, smiling all the time and proud of how far you’ve come.
     Every time I get the chance, I intertwine your cold, metallic hands with mine. It feels lovely. I lock my gaze onto you and let you know that I love you. Your indicator lights always light up in happiness when I do and it warms my heart. 
     I wouldn’t want it any other way than this.