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About the wiki

Welcome to Encyclopedia Robotica (The Artificial Identity Wiki)!

This wiki is dedicated to documenting and providing resources and information for those who identify as or with robots or machines in some fashion. Many individuals may not know what to call what they are feeling, as resources have been sparse. We are here to change that.

You can find the types of identities that individuals like us identify as, the types of robots people identify as, writings from our fellow robots, and much, much more. We hope these resources are invaluable to all of you.

Featured article

A depiction of two Vottles created by Tess Spirit.
A depiction of two Vottles created by Tess Spirit.

Vottles are an anthropomorphic fox-like open robot species created by Twitter user Tess Spirit.

Vottles (a portmanteau of the words "vulpes" and "bottles") originally started out as chibis, but would soon become the pioneers of body modifications.

They began constructing limb enhancers in order to store a variety of foreign materials. These developments were done for the sake of public gain and vottles would soon use their newfound limb enhancers to smuggle vital materials, such as light fuel and mercury, to people in need across the galaxy.