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A depiction of two Vottles created by Tess Spirit.

Vottles are an anthropomorphic fox-like open robot species created by Twitter user Tess Spirit



Vottles (a portmanteau of the words "vulpes" and "bottles") originally started out as chibis, but would soon become the pioneers of body modifications. They began constructing limb enhancers in order to store a variety of foreign materials. These developments were done for the sake of public gain, and vottles would soon use their newfound limb enhancers to smuggle vital materials, such as light fuel and mercury, to people in need across the galaxy. However, with the establishment of an intergalactic union, the trade tensions that resulted in the smuggling diminished and soon, it would become a thing of the past. Despite this, vottles kept their container enhancers for the sake of expressing themselves, stylistic choices and general convenience purposes.


Vottles are completely artificial and thus, are manufactured within a factory. Their S0VLS, or "souls", are grown as a part of this process and are able to develop on their own, giving each one different traits and personalities. Vottles are most notably made up of a hollow transparent material that makes up 40% of the body. This hollow transparent material can be used to store various types of materials. Vottles retain the ability the digest food, but are not required to as they are completely self sufficient without it. With complete modularity, parts can be switched and replaced on the fly and with relative ease. Vottle faces are a cranial projection and can to change into any shape of snout, along with their hair or fur, which can be a projection, ectoplasm, real hair, etc. Within the center of each vottle lies a core, which can be used to transform into a compact or "chibi mode".

Vottles are an open species, and as such, can be created by anyone. While most vottles are constructed in this manner, deviation is allowed as long as they fit the general vibe of vottles. As such, some vottles can resemble different animals, such as rabbits, canines and felines.


While people who create and use Vottles are not necessarily robot-identified and may just enjoy the aesthetic of said species, a fair amount of robot-identified people may identify with the species. Common labels include, but are not limited to Machinekin and Robotgender.


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