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An example is a made-up robotkin type or designation designed to help with fleshing out the format of a Category:Type article. This first section should provide a brief overview of the example, possibly accompanied with an image of a typical example. This section should not be very long, only a few sentences, with most of the particular information being sent to some other subheading below. Note that there is no need to attempt to add all of these further subheadings at the same time, and some articles may not need every subheading.


In this section, describe how an example works, or how it may feel to be example-identifying. This may include physical feelings and mindsets, a description of the physiology of an example, or both. It may also include variants within the the type, such as the difference between an example with trait A and an example with trait B, should they be significant enough. However, be mindful of the phrasing of this section, especially (but not solely) with regards to fictional types. Make sure not to unequivocally assign trait C to all examples, if not everyone agrees that all examples exhibit trait C. A useful workaround would be to include words such as `may` or `some`.

Trait A examples

Here you may list the particular things that trait A examples do that aren't shared with their trait B counterparts.

Trait B examples

The reverse of the above, for contrast.


This section is to give tips for example-identifying robotkin that may not apply to other types, whatever that may be.

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3
  • Tip 4
  • Tip 5

In popular culture

This section list instances of examples in popular culture.

  • Examplia (Generic Movie)
  • The Examplite race (The VideoGame series)

External links

This section is for linking relevant material from outside of this wiki. If example was created by a particular person, ExampleUser123, it would be appropriate to link whatever material they have posted about examples.