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Many robots often opt to use more robot-friendly terms when talking about themselves or other robots. These can help such individuals feel more inline with their identity. Below, you can find some of the many examples of such terms.


Robot-friendly language
Human term Robot term
Sleeping Recharging
Bed Charger
Dreaming Simulations
Eyes Optics or Ocular Sensors
Name Designation
Depression Downtime
Birthday Manufacturing day
Brain Circuits or Processor
Hair Wires or Cables
Torso or Body Chassis
Waking up Booting
Tired Low on battery
Thinking Processing
Happiness Uptime
Trash Scrap
Human Squishy or Squishies
Skin Synthetics or Casing
Eating Refuelling


This list is not an absolute set of rules of what to use for robots, and what robots use as some robots may use different terms than what's shown, but robots may opt to use such terms to feel better about their identities and feel more like their true selves, which would be different otherwise.