Omnic (Overwatch series)

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Iggy, an omnic featured in the Overwatch video-game series.

Omnics are artificially intelligent robots featured in the video-game series Overwatch.



Within the lore, Omnics are a set of intelligent robots created by the Omnica Corporation, a multinational corporation that manufactured said robots in self-improving factories called omniums. These omniums were constructed worldwide to facilitate the creation of robots and promised to bring about an "economic golden age". These omnics were treated as if they were property, being able to be wagered and traded by humans against their free will. Following this, the omniums started to break down and the Omnica Corporation would be investigated for fraud, leading to a dissolution of the entire company. However, the omniums would re-activate themselves on their own and began constructing militarized robots to fight against humanity for unsaid reasons. While the underlying details of the omnic crisis are left vague on purpose, humanity would struggle to fight of the opposing omnics, leading to the creation of Overwatch. Overwatch would target omnic commands and protocols in order to end the crisis and render the militarized omnics inert.

The militarized omnics were ultimately defeated, leaving behind many deactivated Bastion units and the humanoid omnics created before the crisis. These omnics were treated extremely poorly and denied basic rights by governments around the world. In Junkertown, Australia, omnics were thrown into an arena known as the Scrapyard to be destroyed and fought crowd amusement. There is only one safe haven for Omnics, in the city of Numbani, where they are treated as equals and live in peace among humans.


Omnics can come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are the humanoid models. Head design and bodies have many variations, with some omnics having glowing dots on their forehead.