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The Nonhuman Unity flag, as created by Syn.
The Nonhuman Unity flag, as created by Syn.

Nonhuman is a self-descriptive term for those who identify as anything other than human. While it falls under the Otherkin umbrella, not all otherkin identify as nonhuman, and not all nonhumans identify as otherkin. Some machines prefer nonhuman over otherkin, as some otherkin identify as human in addition to their kintypes.



Modern nonhuman subcultures trace their roots to the late 20th century.[1]

Various groups based on a shared identity of being elves, such as the Elf Queen's Daughters and the Silver Elves, were formed in the early 1970s. The word "otherkin" was coined in the 1990s in a mailing list for people who identified as elves or other fantasy creatures.

Independently, the draconic (dragon-identifying) and therian (animal-identifying) subcultures arose in the 1990s on Usenet groups.