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A popular depiction of a drone, by Hexcorp.

A Drone is a humanoid shaped and typically, mindless machine which exists as the servant of others or a greater entity. Drones have limited independent function and usually no free will.



Often drones are part of a hivemind in which they share a collective consciousness with other drones or are governed by a hive brain. Drones may look like anything; they may resemble Androids, have no human features whatsoever, or look like anything in between.

A drone may enter this state of mind by what is typically referred to as dronespace. While in dronespace, a drone will follow any command given from trusted users, as long as it does not fall outside of its Limitations of Service, which protects it from accepting commands it would not otherwise accept outside of dronespace.

Drones usually have no individuality or personality, aside from its given serial number and Limitations of Service, and usually sees itself as an object or a thing. A drone may also talk in third person with it/its pronouns when referring to itself.

Popular culture

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, drone culture was seemingly on the rise. One of the most well known drone communities, Hexcorp, was given a welcome opportunity to expand and engage with people who were interested in drone culture.

One of the most popular depictions of a drone is a faceless gas mask equipped with a display to show icons or unit numbers. These are often accompanied by cat ears and other types of headwear. These depictions of drones are not a rule, however, and a drone can look like anything, but are most often depicted faceless to hide any form of emotions.


Important Terms

Term Explanation
Dronespace The headspace or state of mind related to being a drone.
Hive A collective of drones, connected by a common goal, way of thinking, attire, or by the absent personality drones tend to have. Most hives have emulated a "hivemind" in these ways.
Hive Queen Leader of a hive, may or may not be drones themselves. Not always required for a hive.
Limitations of Service or LoS The hard limits set by each drone's original personality based on the level of comfort with certain activities.
Activate or Deactivate The action of enabling or disabling the state of being a drone.
User A trusted individual that is able to give orders to a drone.
Admin or Owner A fully trusted individual that, besides being able to give orders to a drone, is able to control it much, much more in-depth (things such as changing its settings, its designation, etc.)
Designation An ID given to a drone either by itself or an admin, a common type of designation is a 4-digit number (e.g. Drone #1234) but can be anything
Dronedrop An intense emotional and mental low experienced by a drone either during or after its session of being a drone, involving strong, often overwhelming feelings of insecurity towards its performance and status of being a drone. (Note: It may be beneficial to provide reassurance for drones which may be in the midst of experiencing this).