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A depiction of a Primagen and Protogen created by Malice-Risu.

Primagens and Protogens are an anthropomorphic animal-like cyborg species created by FurAffinity user Malice-risu.



Within the lore, Primagens and Protogens were artificially created by the Premogenitor race within a deep space biotech facility in the universe known as ZOR (Zenith's Outer Reach). Their intended purpose was for planetary and space exploration, aided by their cyborg nature. Protogen are considered an earlier prototype of their Primagen cousins and thus, both have differences that make them distinct from one another. Protogen were initially used by the Premogenitor as slaves, rendered subservient by microcrystals implanted within their cerebral fluid. As Protogen continued to advance with more complex components being added, this overloaded the microcrystals and allowed a Protogen uprising to occur. Eventually, Protogen created a society on a moon and were able to live freely and independently.


Protogen visors are constructed with a special nanite material that can change shape, providing a fully movable mouth. This gives protogen the ability to digest food that is further broken down by said nanites, allowing it to be swallowed and digested naturally. Protogen may also have an arrangement of horns and spikes, giving each a relative uniqueness to differentiate them even further.[1]


While people who create and use Protogens and Primagens are not necessarily robot-identified and may just enjoy the aesthetic of said species, a fair amount of robot-identified people identify with the species. Common labels include, but are not limited to Machinekin and Robotgender.


Primagens are a closed species and can only be obtained through auctions held by Malice-risu on FurAffinity, who have since disabled their account. Primagens have key features that set them apart from their Protogen counterpart. These key features include:

  • Long-boxed visor
  • Artificial ears
  • Head and chest panels
  • 70% artificial
  • Raptor-like in appearance
  • Feral movements
  • Closed visor
  • Inactive digestive tract
  • Raptor claws

While Primagens are a closed species, it is not illegal to make your own. Closed species is more a formal request from the author to not reproduce their design without their permission.


While Protogens share many similarities with their Primagen counterpart, they both have drastic differences in their key features. Protogens are additionally an open species, meaning anyone can create and make their own. These key features include:

  • Short-rounded visor
  • Biological ears
  • Protective chest plate
  • 40% artificial
  • Occasionally upright
  • Mammalian behaviorisms
  • Particle visor is able to be opened
  • Active digestive tract
  • Biological/artificial limbs
  • Modular limbs


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