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A depiction of a Phonodroid and Phonotron created by Smorbee.

Phonodroids and Phonotrons are an anthropomorphic animal-like robot species created by Twitter user Smorbee.


Phonodroids and Phonotrons sport a record player in their abdominal cavity, for the sole purpose of speech synthesis and music playback. Both types come in many shapes and sizes, as well as resembling any type of animal, giving every model a relative uniqueness. Models aren't limited to record players, with some sporting other music/video formats such as Laserdisc, Cassette and CDs.

Older models typically use a CRT to display eye expressions, with newer models typically using VFD displays and LED panels for the entire face. Their chests usually contain an array of buttons which aid in music playback.


While people who create and use Phonodroids and Phonotrons are not necessarily robot-identified and may just enjoy the aesthetic of said species, a fair amount of robot-identified people identify with the species. Common labels include, but are not limited to Machinekin and Robotgender.


Phonodroids have many key features that set them apart from their Phonotron counterpart. These key features include:

  • Light and round build
  • Consumer plug for charging (runs for 15-20 hours)
  • Built for social roles and interaction
  • Typically sport plantigrade legs (can be modified)
  • Capable of fly battery replacement


Phonotrons are essentially a heavy-duty variant of Phonodroids. The key features that set them apart include:

  • Large, bulky build
  • Made of heavier materials
  • Proprietary industrial-grade plug (runs for 48 hours)
  • Rear battery enclosure can be replaced with an engine
  • Built for heavy-duty tasks and long operation times
  • Digitigrade legs
  • Installed with a record loader


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