Exominds, more commonly known as Exos, are a race of self-aware humanoid machines featured in the video game series Destiny.

A depiction of an Exo from Destiny



Within the lore, Exos were created by humanity during a golden age by the Clovis Bray corporation. Exos were intended to serve as new bodies through mind transferring, rendering humanity "digitally immortal." However, early exominds fell to a degenerative process known as "loop/billboard/crash cycle", characterized by cognitive and motor stereotypy (abnormal, repetitive behaviors), athetosis (slow, involuntary writhing movements of the limbs and extremities), and gradual loss of sapience. Degenerative minds could briefly pass the Turing test, but would shortly succumb to brain death, even taking the life of the Clovis corporations own, Clovis Bray II. While crashed exominds were able to be restored, this degenerative process would only begin again.

This problem was temporarily solved by Clovis Bray I after discovering a force known as "Clarity", which guided him to one of Jupiter's moons, Europa. While there, Clovis would discover an entity called the "Clarity Control", which ordered him to steal a Vex, a cyber-organic organism, to create a Vex megastructure to the Forge Star. Upon reaching the Forge Star, Clovis discovered a fluid which created a synergy with the Clarity. Deeming this fluid "Alkahest", introducing the fluid into Exominds seemed to fix the crash cycle problem, but only for so long, as exos would suffer from a condition known as Dissociative Exomind Rejection.

This could be staved off with two methods. One of the methods, known as "reboot", involved wiping the minds memories post-transfer so that they could not remember their original bodies. Despite reboot implying their memories would be erased, the process did not actually do this, instead only blocking off associated access to them. This method was effective, but was not a complete cure, as DER could still develop and excessive reboots would deteriorate their minds, causing them to eventually grow insane. The second method was to introduce non-necessary organic functions to the exos, such as sleeping and eating. These functions proved successful as staving off DER.


Exos retain humanoid body blueprint, though with a vague human-looking face. Exos are functionally immortal, but can suffer from DER. With excessive reboots, it can potentially cause them to grow insane. Exos are additinally able to eat and sleep and also retain reproductive urges. Exos are able to die, but can be revived by a Ghost.


While people who create and use Exos are not necessarily robot-identified and may just enjoy the aesthetic of said species, a fair amount of robot-identified people may identify with the species. Common labels include, but are not limited to Machinekin and Robotgender.